Technological Support

In 2013 the wife of the Polish Prime Minister came to visit the Siloe Integrated Educational Centre for the Blind. As a result of that visit she arranged a donation which enabled the school to buy ten iPads. These are connected to a Braille Pen (a Braille keyboard) and give visually impaired learners in Grade 11 and 12 access to the internet and allow them to make notes in the classroom and in the hostel. Learners with iPads have shown a marked improvement in their results.

The visually impaired learners use magnifiers with camera in the classrooms so they are able to read from chalkboard.

This year the teachers working with blind learners at the St Frances Academy will receive an iPad. This will enable them to read the work of the visually impaired without having to have it printed out. It will also help teachers give homework in writing.