Ave Maria Library

The Ave Maria Library and Multimedia Centre serves both the Siloe School for the Blind and the St Francis Catholic Academy, while it is also open to workshop workers and any other locals from the village who wish to use it. It was established in 2009 with funding by the Polish Government. In the same year a group of volunteer Library Science students from Poland came to organise and catalogue the library. There is a wide range of books in four different formats – Braille, large print, normal print and audio.

In addition to books the library also offers:

  • Four computers with internet access and specialised computer programs like jaws (which is a screen reading software used by the Visually Impaired to operate the computer), screen magnification software and scanner with text-to read. There are also multimedia encyclopaedias installed on the computers
  • An audio space where audio books can be listened to
  • A reading corner where small children can read their books without disturbing the others
  • A movie room where learners are able to watch educational movies