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From the beginning the Siloe Centre has encouraged overseas volunteers. Not only does this give the children access to different worlds and widen their horizons, but volunteers build relationship with the students and many rich moments are shared.

And you too, can join as as a volunteer!!!

 What to do?

  1. Write to us email, introduce yourself (you have to be at least 20 years old) and specify the time you like to give for volunteer service. Email address: fidesister@gmail.com
  • We are interested in: what talent you like to share with us, what you would like to learn from that experience, how relation with God influences your life and what for you is most important in the relation with others especially with vulnerable children.
  1. We will write you back. If your first application will be accepted, you will be asked to send us your parish priest/ pastor/ church authority testimonial, medical certificate (general health), psychologist certificate (emotional condition) and copy of your passport.
  2. If all these will proof your ability to serve as a volunteer we send you invitation and send all needed to get visa. We assist to find sponsor for the ticket if duration of your service is at least two years. For staying less than two years you have to get the ticket by yourself.
  3. Duties are allocated  accordingly to your qualification and talents.
  4. You will get pocket money during your service in condition that your stay with us is at least for one year.