God’s Farm

The farm project was started in 2013 and consists of a vegetable farm, an orchard and a chicken farm. Its aim is to supply food for the hostels. Two of the workers at the farm are partially sighted.Organic farming methods are used and staff have been trained in the ‘Farming God’s Way’ methodology where one tries as much as possible not to interfere too much with the soil by digging deep. Compost is made on the farm and the use of poisons and chemical fertilizers is avoided.

The orchard has about 130 fruit trees. These include peaches, apricots, plums, avocados, mangoes morula and lemons.The vegetable garden grows beetroot, onions, cabbages, green pepper, tomatoes, spinach and herbs such as coriander chilies, garlic, basil, nasturtiums, basil and moringa trees. Sorghum, sunflowers and maize are planted to feed the roughly 160 free range chickens.