26.06 PEPPS’ visit at our school


Gr 5 learners of PEPPS visit our school to get a bit of experience what blindness means. Visually Impaired learners of grade 8 till 11 have led our guests through many different activities. The children could learn Braille and write on Braille machine, walk with white stick and do art work with blinds on their eyes.

The teacher of gr 5 Mrs Mandy Sue du Plessis wrote after  their visit:

“Thank you so much for the excellent organization for the tour of the school.  We felt so  welcome and we were more than satisfied with what we learnt.  The children were so eager and interested in everything that was shown to them.  I saw some of our school children arm in arm with the leaders you had assigned.  It was such a wonderful experience for us.

Once again, thank you so much for embracing this idea and please compliment the leaders who showed us around.  They were fantastic.”

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